Do you believe in angles ?I mean the real angles who deliver the message from and to the God. Just curious … because i believe in angles .Although ,i haven’t seen one but still my heart believes they really do exists cause angles don’t have to speak to be heard, be visible to be seen or be present to be felt. .You know ,we make wishes . I also make wishes believing that angles will hear them and deliver it to the gods so that it will be granted.Even after so much hard work ,people still make wishes about the same thing because they believe – a feather , a robin , a butterfly too are all signs their ANGLES are standing by their side……….BELIEVE ME , BELIEVE IN ANGLES AND THEY WILL ALWAYS BE NEAR.



A dream holds a power to change world .I mean the real dream that we see after we fall asleep.That dream which can take us to a different world which is realistic but not real.Just give a thought to it..”will u be able to believe if the world you are currently living is not real but actually a dream?” Will you be happy or will still remain sad?